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3/4" #20 Ext 222 w/o Cap Plugs w/o V-bead

3/4" #20 Ext 222 w/o Cap Plugs w/o V-bead
3/4" #20 Ext 222 w/o Cap Plugs w/o V-bead
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All Natural filter housings helpmaintain high standards of purityand performance required in criticalcontamination control systems andprocesses. These housings can alsobe used for a variety of otherapplications where purity, quality,filtration and economy are required.All housings have 3/4 (19 mm)NPT inlet and outlet threads.

Some housings are available withplugged 1/4 (6.4 mm) NPT inlet,outlet and sump ports.Compatible with most Pall,Millipore, Gelman, Brunswick,Sartorius, Filterite and Nucleporemembrane cartridges.

ALL NATURAL HOUSINGS An economical solution to fluoropolymer, stainless steel or Teflon housings

Pure polypropylene components no fillers, colorants, plasticizers or lubricants

Ultra-smooth contact surfaces prevent bacterial adhesion and build-up

Resists DI water and other inorganic solutions

Resists stress cracking

Viton o-rings provide dependable sealingApplications

Deionized and reagent grade water

Electronic grade chemicals(see chemical compatibility chart on back page for details)

Reagent grade chemicals

Pharmaceutical grade solvents

Reaction solvents for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or polyester production

Freons (TF, 113)

Electronic etching solutions

Magnetic coatings (tape, disc, or card)

Reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration final filters

Filter Systems

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