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30 Minute Phone Consultation

30 Minute Phone Consultation
30 Minute Phone Consultation
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You can apply the $150 consultation fee towards any purchase of $1,000 or more.

Whether you are an engineer, facilities manager, end user, plumber or other individual that needs information and guidance to make a purchasing decision a 30 minute phone consultation is the best way to get started.
This is also used for technical support on items purchased from us. Our in house staff can answer some questions at no charge but if you are looking for specific information this method is the best choice.

When you book a consultation through this service you will be speaking directly with Dan Saltsburg, the owner of Big Brand Water Filter.

Mr. Saltsburg has been in the filtration industry since 1993. He has degrees in geography and environmental studies in addition to being a Certified Water Specialist III.

During your phone appointment there are several key points of information you will need to provide:

1) Temperature - are you filtering water at 70 degrees F or a chemical at 170 degrees F. Temperature affects selection of piping materials, oring material and filters.

2) Application - What are you trying to accomplish? Customers often call and ask what is the best water filter. Best for what? Are you filtering tap water supplied by the city that alraeady meets EPA standard or well water that has coliform bacteria. Are you doing final filtration of a beverage you plan to bottle and it will sit in a retail store for months before being consumed. Are you filtering paint, solvent, acids, bases, organic chemicals, or another liquid.

3) Pressure: Is this a well at 40 psi or a water jet operating at 1,000 psi or more? Higher pressures requires higher strength materials, often flanged connections and other safety considerations.

4) Size: Pipe size has a tremendous effect on flow rate. A 1/2" pipe is tyipically flowing at 4-5 gpm in a home, while a 2" pipe in a factory can flow 100 gallons per minute or more.

5) Water/Fluid Lab Test: People frequently call and ask what is the best filter for well water or what is best for spring water. That just describes where the water came from. Would you call your doctor and say I am sitting in the living room, what is wrong with me, or, I am laying in the hammock in the backyard? The best chance of having success with a water/fluid filtration system is to know exactly what is in the fluid to begin with.

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