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Welcome to Big Brand Water Filter
Why Do We Need Water Filtration?
Big Brand Water Filter Clients
Company History
Environmental Practices
Welcome To Big Brand Water Filter From home water filter systems to million gallon industrial disinfection systems, Big Brand Water Filter has been providing water treatment to homeowners, commercial entities and government agencies for over a decade. Shipping to all 50 states and internationally, Big Brand Water gets you the equipment you need from over 100 trusted brand names in water purification. Big Brand Water Filter has over 10,000 satisfied customers, from local homeowners to NASA, General Electric, and Pepsi and the list just keeps on growing. Founder and President, Dan Saltsburg is a Certified Water Treatment Specialist III and looks forward to fulfilling your water filtration needs.

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Why Do We Need Water Filtration? Water is arguably Earth s most important resource. As the population of the planet continues to increase, maintaining a healthy water supply has become a paramount issue. Many pollutants in the air and soil eventually end up in our water supply. There can be naturally occurring contaminants in the ground water such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and bacteria as well as manmade toxins such as gasoline byproducts, pharmaceuticals, or agricultural and industrial runoff; these harmful substances often end up in our drinking water supply. The toxic materials can then build up in the human body and cause a myriad of life threatening illnesses. For a majority of homeowners and businesses today, water filtration is an absolute must.

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Big Brand Water Filter Clients Big Brand Water Filter provides filtration, purification, and disinfection equipment to an impressive range of water treatment customers including water dealers, plumbers, residential customers, industrial clients, and government agencies. Big Brand s esteemed client list includes thousands of clients such as: NASA, The White House, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service, LA County, City of Santa Barbara, City of Venice, Florida, Virginia Medical Center, St. Jude s Hospital, Pepsi Cola, Bacardi Bottling Corp., GE, General Motors, Intel, Walt Disney Imagineeering, Boeing, and more than a dozen major universities across the country, from UC Berkeley to Penn State.

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Company History During his college days, the Founder and President of Big Brand Water Filter had an English assignment that changed his life. Dan Saltsburg wrote a report on water quality that uncovered absolutely shocking information on the large amount of contaminants, both natural and manmade, that can be present in our water supplies. Dan immediately changed his major to Environmental Studies. Through his research, he became completely overwhelmed with the number of ecological problems facing the modern world. Saltsburg recalls the scenario vividly, I became discouraged with the environmental degradation caused by mankind and sat down with the Dean to discuss my predicament. He told me you can t take the entire world of environmental problems on your shoulders- you just have to choose one thing to focus on So I chose water. Lucky for thousands of homeowners and businesses, Dan Saltsburg has stuck with water ever since. In 1993, he founded a company called Eco Home Products, selling water filtration equipment along with organic and sustainable lifestyle products. In 1999, Dan changed the name of the company to Big Brand Water Filter to highlight his huge inventory of quality name brand water filters. Dan Saltsburg believes every person should have access to safe clean drinking water. He is proud to play his part in valuable scientific research, affordable hazardous material clean-up, numerous academic studies providing solutions for toxic contaminant reduction, and the health of countless families in California and across the US.

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Environmental Practices Through providing impeccable service and products, Big Brand Water Filter has made a massive contribution to the environment through reducing the use of plastic water bottles across the US and around the world. Big Brand Water Filter consistently brings environmental awareness to all day-to-day company operations, with a focus on energy efficiency and reuse of materials. All packing material for Big Brand s extensive online business is made up of biodegradable starch-based packing peanuts and shredded junk mail. All inbound cardboard boxes are reused. Glass, aluminum, and plastic are recycled.

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Careers The secret to our success We keep our employees happy, and they keep our customers happy. It s as simple as that. Big Brand Water values innovation... We are looking for positive, respectful, and creative people to help us remain the absolute standout in the industry. It is our knowledgeable and friendly staff that makes us a cut above our competitors. Big Brand Water rewards good work, with better pay For full-time staff, we offer an incentive pay plan in addition to a competitive base pay and benefits package. At Big Brand, our employees get back what they put in. Big Brand Water keeps it fun We want you to feel at ease when you come to work: wear what you want (for the most part), make your workspace your own, and be yourself. At Big Brand, there s no micromanagement. If you re getting the job done, we are there to support you. Sound good? Please submit your resume and letter of introduction to [email protected] (Back to Top)

Contact Big Brand Water Filter, Inc. 21947 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 Phone: (818) 340-7258 Fax: (818) 883-4744 Email: [email protected]

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