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Big Brand 1 Micron Absolute 20" Slimline Filter

Big Brand 1 Micron Absolute 20" Slimline Filter
Big Brand 1 Micron Absolute 20" Slimline Filter
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Get 99% efficiency at 1 micron retention levels. Ultra-finefibers and controlled thermal bonding allow this filter to capture contaminants even at higher pressure differentials.
Big Brand Water Filter Melt blown filters are 100% pure polypropylene, no additives.  Our filters have a progressive density. If you look at the end of the filter you can see that it starts coarse on the outside and works to a high density center in 4 stages to obtain 99.8% efficiency at the stated micron rating.

• Removal from 1um to 100um
• Quad Zone technology allow the formation of 4 separate filtration zones within the depth of the filter cartridge.
• Continuous 4-zone structure provides effective pre-filtration and final filtration.
• State of the art computer controlled manufacturing, extremely accurate and consistent product for proper fiber sizing.
• High-strength polypropylene core maximizes flow and optimizes each of the 4 zones. 
• 100% polypropylene construction for a wide range of uses, FDA compliant material for food and beverage contact under CFR Title 21.
• All Big Brand PURE Polypropylene Series cartridges are free of surfactants, binders or adhesives of any kind.
• Continuous lengths up to 72”.
• All End Configurations available to fit most industry standards.
• All end caps are thermal bonded, no glues or adhesives are used.
Zone 1 Filter Media
Zone 2 Prefilter
Zone 3 Dirt Loading
Zone 4 Dirt Loading/Open Fiber Finish

All filters are 2.5" diameter, they are available in a variety of custom configurations in addition to what we picture here.  We stock DOE, or double open ended and 222 oring with a sealed flat at the bottom of the filter.  Other configurations available.

Tested and certified to:
NSF/ANSI 372 / NSF/ANSI 61 / CSA B483.1
NSF/ANSI 42 - Component


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