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UV Lamp 60" Single End 254 nm Gold-L 3091

UV Lamp 60" Single End 254 nm Gold-L 3091
Aquafine UV Lamp 60" Single End 254 nm Gold
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Over the years, it has been demonstrated that the amount of UV dosage available to the water stream declines as a function of the lamps operating time.

Studies have shown that the degradation of the quartz sleeves, caused by continuous exposure to UV radiation, reduces the amount of UV radiation transmitted into the water stream. Based on these findings, Aquafine recommends the annual replacement of the quartz sleeves, in addition to routine cleaning to achieve optimal intensity, especially for critical water processes.

Aquafine works closely with suppliers to ensure only the best components are engineered into the UV lamps, with matching power supplies for optimized UV output. The less expensive lamps available are typically manufactured from soft glass. While these lamps look and feel similar to their hard glass counterparts, their performance falls short with shorter lamp life and less UV output.

Hard glass lamps are utilized in all Aquafine UV equipment. Some of the key components within the lamp that contribute to the overall performance include:
  Quality and number of coils on filament
  Length and position of filament within treatment chamber
  Location of filament to maximum arc length
  Ceramic lamp bases to protect against UV oxidation
  Tight specification for secure fit into the lamp socket and socket retention assembly

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