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Clack Filter-Ag

Clack Filter-Ag
Clack Filter-Ag
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Clack Filter-Ag is a silica, crystalline quartz media whichcan be used as highly efficient filter media for the reductionof suspended matter.

Clack Filter-Ag has many outstandingadvantages over the more commongranular filter medias used for suspendedsolids reduction. Its fractured edges andirregular surface provides a high surfacearea and complex flow path for efficientremoval of suspended matter throughoutthe filter bed, typically reducing suspendedsolids down to the 20-40 micron range.Filter-Ags larger particle size creates lesspressure loss through the filter and allowsdeeper sediment penetration into the bedfor higher sediment loading and longerfilter runs. This large and irregular shapeprevents the screening and caking ofsediment in the top several inches of thefilter bed as happens in the typical sandfilter, thus preventing a rapid buildup ofheadloss and blinding problems. Filter-Ags light weight means lower backwashrates and better bed expansion to releasetrapped sediment and rinse the filtermedia during the backwash cycle. Thisideal combination of particle shape,size and density make it a good choicewhere quality water filtration and waterconservation are important.Although not intended to be aniron reduction media, extensive fieldexperience has shown Filter-Ags roughand jagged surface to be very good atentrapping the fragile iron flock that formsafter dissolved iron has been oxidized.The fragmented edges are apparently goodflock collection points for the precipitatediron. Typical oxidation methods includeaeration, ozonation and chlorination.Substantial savings can be realized whendesigning a system using Clack Filter-Ag.Its low pressure drop, high service flowrates and high bed loadings combinedwith lower backwash rates allow economyin equipment downsizing and reducedpumping requirements. Its light weightalso saves on handling expense andshipping costs.Clack Filter-Ag can be applied to systemsdesigned for either pressure or gravity flow.Because of its unique density, Filter-Agcan also be used in multi-media (gradeddensity) filter designs allowing a moreflexible approach to difficult filtrationproblems.


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