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Desal Duratherm HWS2540

Desal Duratherm HWS2540
Desal Duratherm HWS2540
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Superior High Temperature Sanitization for Consistent Product Quality This product is designed to withstand periodic exposure to temperatures as high as 90C for cleaning and chemical-free sanitization while operating below 50C.

In numerous pure water applications, hot water sanitization is utilized to ensure consistent product quality, bacteria-free packaging and membrane system performance. When biocide isnt an option, or choice, high temperature water is an effective and cost-efficient solution for many applications. Since Pasteurs discovery in 1865, moist heat sanitization, or Pasteurization, has been used to kill any bacteria or microbes to a safe level. Heat conveyed by hot water acts on microorganisms by denaturation and coagulation of protein chains. The table below shows approximate operating conditions (temperature and period of time) for moist heat eradication.

Vegetative Cells Temperature/ Time Yeast 80C/5-10 minutes Mold 80C/30 minutes Bacterial 60C-70C/10 minutes Viruses 60C/30 minutes

Duratherm HWS Advantage

Duratherm HWS elements are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide consistent, reliable performance under extreme operating parameters. These elements can handle hot water sanitizing at temperatures as high as 90C at low pressure, according to the GE Osmonics specified protocol.

Consistent hot water sanitization of RO/NF units will regularly pasteurize and free the membranes of any vegetative cells. In fact, in many cases hot water is the best choice to sanitize your system. Hot water sanitization also offers additional advantages as compared to biocide options, including:

No membrane damage Sanitization of the permeate side of the membrane Easy direct access or easy to produce Killing bacteria Preventing bio-fouling development Non-toxic No permit required to store or handle chemical No disposal costs Comparatively inexpensive

HWS RO Industry Applications

GE Osmonics Duratherm HWS offers superior hot water sanitization for many diverse industries, such as:


Hot water sanitization has been proven effective for sanitization of RO units used for dialysis. Pasteurization is performed at 80C as a routine procedure for purification of membranes operating with tap water at the hospital.

Pharmaceuticals/Food/Cosmetics /Drinking Water:

When water is used as a raw material in the manufacturing process of human drugs, personal care products and food, stringent testing of water quality for cleaning/sanitization is required. Hot water sanitization can be a simple and extremely cost effective application to ensure the water treatment plant is safe of any contamination.

Power/Semi conductor/Sensitive Water:

When feed water is prone to microorganism growth or when your process water cannot tolerate any chemicals, hot water sanitization can be the perfect solution to prevent microorganism growth and biofilm development in the RO system without utilizing expensive, or unacceptable, chemical biocide.

Duratherm RO Specifications

Part Number Model Active Area ft2 (m2) Maximum crossflow GPM (m3/h) 1228481 Duratherm RO 8040 350 (32.5) 350 (79.45) 1228459 Duratherm RO 4040 90 (8.4) 20 (4.54) 1228430 Duratherm RO 2540 25 (2.3) 4 (0.91)

Specifications are based on a 2,000 mg/l NaCl solution at 225 psig (1551 kPa) operating pressure, 77F (25C) after 24 hours. Individual flux may vary +25%/-15%.

Operating and Design Parameters

The Duratherm HWS RO elements provide reliable performance at continuous operating temperatures up to 122F (50C) in low crossflow environments, with water-like viscosity and no suspended solids, or for processes which require periodic hot-water sanitizing up to 194F(90C). They feature high temperature tolerant materials including the DURASAN outerwrap. The materials of construction conform to established guidelines as described in the Code of Federal Regulations, Vol. 21.

Membrane: Duratherm HWS
Typical operating pressure: 200 psig (1,379-3,448 kPa)
Typical operating process flux: 10-15 GFD
Maximum pressure: 600 psig (4,137 kPa)
Operation/ Maximum temperature: 122F (50C)/194F(90C)
Recommended pH: Operating range 2.0-11.0, Cleaning range 1.0-11.5
Chlorine tolerance: <500 ppm-hours, dechlorination recommended


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